Recap: Marlo Hampton’s The Art of Style Fashion Seminar

marlo hampton

So like I told you a few posts ago, that I would have images from Marlo Hampton’s The Art of Style fashion seminar that took place on Saturday afternoon. The event was hosted by Dermalogica at Atlantic Station. Lots of fashionistas came out to learn how to style themselves, fashion and beauty tips and a little bit more about Ms.Marlo. 

marlo hampton

Let’s first talk about the decor for the event shall we? It reminded me of sitting in Marlo’s closet a few years ago when she invited me out to see her new townhome that she had just had newly remodeled, it was very pretty, with hints of Marlo’s signature style. Everything was put together very well by interior designer Michele Boyd. It was something to see in person, wow! I really LOVED the floral arrangements throughout the venue! The guests were also treated to signature cocktails, light bites and delectable desserts.

Marlo then came out and introduced herself and went right into a little bit about her and how she grew up loving fashion. It was an outlet for her because she had such a hard upbringing and in and out of different foster homes. She then brought out two models that she styled from day to evening. It was really cool too how Marlo used clothing from stores like H&M and Target but then added a “wow piece” as she liked to call it. She says even if you are about to get your lights cut off, buy the darn accessories that you were eyeing, it will make you feel better and you will look fabulous lol.

Later, she had a rep from Chanel stop by named Paige, that talked a little bit about the history of Chanel, I learned so much! Each zipper compartment and other things inside the luxury handbag has a backstory. Did you know the back slot on the Chanel bag is to keep cash for tips? I never knew that!

After all of the fun, Marlo took questions from the audience then mingled with everyone and took lots of pics with the attendees. It was a very nice afternoon of fashion, fun and getting to know Marlo! So please check out all the snaps below. I believe that Marlo has definitely got an eye for fashion and I know she is on to something great having these fashion seminars across the country. Enjoy! xoxo

marlo hampton

The Art of Style with Marlo Hampton

Marlo’s 101: Wardrobe Must Haves Style Basics

Fashion Education: Color Theory Necklines and Dress Lengths

Personal Style Tips: How to dress for your mood. Accessorizing for your personality

Professional Stylist Secrets: How to do a pull for a client. how to secure wholesale prices for a client

Shopping On A Budget: Put together an outfit for under $100

5-Minute Outfit Makeover: How to revamp any look on the go

Raffles, Autographs Session, Vip Meet & Greet

marlo hampton

marlo hampton

marlo hampton

marlo hampton


Marlo styling a Chanel duster

marlo hampton

Marlo styling a model from day to evening look


Paige talking about the history of Chanel

marlo hampton

marlo hampton

marlo hampton

A lucky guest won a Neiman Marcus gift card valued at $200

marlo hampton

Say Cheese! Quick Selfie


Ben Rose Photography


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  1. hello tami you look super gorge love the hair I would love to know the deets on Marlo top looks like a jumpsuit do tell what a great concept I would love to start a art of style fashion seminar great idea fabulous 🙂

  2. I like Marlo’s style. While she usually does look very put together, she always looks confident.

    I love history and that little zipper tidbit is fascinating. I have probably used it for everything but that. The sessions seems like it was a lot of fun and informative.

  3. Im not sure how you maneuver on my site but if you scroll down a few more posts you will see where I blogged about her whole outfit. Thanks

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