Recap: The Black Media Mixer In Atlanta

Last night here in Atlanta, I was a panelist at “The Black Media Mixer” that took place at The Legacy Center. This event included a high level of networking with media professionals, a special “State of Black Media” panel featuring Award Winning TV & Radio Professionals. Attendees also enjoyed complimentary cocktails and complimentary cuisine by Chef D.Star (owner of FAB Kakez & Event Planning).

This event was created to bring cohesion, comradery and a collective consciousness to Black Media in the Black Mecca. We experience similar struggles and victories, so we got a chance to celebrate and support each other better. See a few snaps inside….

Panelist Included: 

Shea Love

Media Personality (Kiss 104.1), Voice Over Talent and Host

Michael D. Wilson

Founder/ Executive Producer and CEO of BOTV Media Inc.  (

Dynasty Smith

Dynasty DMs Extended Podcast  (Black Ink Radio), Owner of Dynasty Creative Media & Productions

Terry Shropshire

Veteran Journalist (TMZ) (Rolling Out) & (The Atlanta Voice)

Tami Reed

Journalist, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle Influencer, Contributor at Yahoo Lifestyle

Moderated By…

Mr. Daniel Dickey – The Resource Guild (Renaissance Man/Award Winning Brand Strategist)

Some of the questions…..

  • What are you most passionate about these days in your life as a whole and are you making time for it in your life? I talked about being homeless at one time and being passionate by speaking at, at-risk schools with young adults and volunteering at homeless women shelters.
  • What can we as black media and publicity people do to bring about more unity in the industry? I answered, networking, going out to events and having a face with the name.
  • What inspired you to go into Media? I was inspired to work in media after interning for Fox 5 back in 2005.
  • Always thinking about the next generations, what is a personal “Golden Rule” or one piece of practical advice you can give to anyone looking to climb higher in the industry?
  • Being black, we typically talk about the challenges we face but my personal mantra is something I call #TheKIMPrinciple (it means to…..) with that being said, in what ways has being black given you an advantage in your career in media? A benefit in being in the industry and being black In media to me is being able to attend different events etc because of the city that I live in(which is very influential) and having a huge platform that people recognize. 
  • As a media professional, what do you do to make sure your work stands out from the rest? By being consistent and always staying up on what’s going on and having something important to say! 
  • What are some reasonable expectations of Black-owned media? How does (audience) tend to lay unreasonable expectations on media?
  • Why do you think it’s so difficult for us to have real honest conversations as a collective? 
  •  In a totally integrated society in a digital age, what in your opinion is the definition of media? Is it the ownership or the target audience
  • How do you maintain your mental health in a realm full of bleed leads, despair and sprinkles of goodness? My answer to this was that I work with a life coach that I see once a week. I also do daily journaling. 
  • In your opinion how does the overturning of Roe vs Wade affect you personally and us as a people?



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