Remembering Cheslie Kryst

I was on the internet just scrolling last Sunday when I saw something and I was in shock and in disbelief! I kept reading the title and saying, this is definitely not true because I met Cheslie and they must have the wrong person. This was NOT happening. But hours later, yes it was confirmed that Miss USA and friend Cheslie Kryst had passed away!

If you’ve been an avid reader of the blog, then you know that I met Cheslie a few times, first in Chicago at a press conference, where she was a red carpet correspondent for Extra Tv. She was the sweetest person every and always upbeat. I would admire her from afar with her quick wit and interviewing style! She was super gorgeous too and I loved her fashion sense! I would often compliment her on her hairstyles and outfits. We would talk about media stuff and fashion. She was definitely a glam girl and we started following each other and keeping up with each other.

Then Cheslie ran for Miss Universe here in Atlanta and we got to catch up again at Tyler Perry Studios. I was so happy for her and sent a gift to her hotel room and we then met out for pizza. She was the sweetest person ever and always upbeat.. It took me a minute to write this post because I still can not believe such a beautiful spirit was dealing with so much internally! I just couldn’t wrap my head around the idea that she took her own life.

I too felt horrible thoughts when I went through my divorce. Although I had a great support system around me with great friends and family, sometimes you still just feel alone. I also didn’t want to burden them with my feelings. I wanted to talk but I kept so much bottled up inside me. I went into a deep, deep depression and loss a massive amount of weight because I didn’t know what to do or how to deal with my feelings. I could barely get out the bed or let alone eat.

I finally got help and sought after a counselor that I see till this day! My counselor has helped me tremendously over the years and I feel so much better now! Life is extremely hard guys and I tell people all the time, behind the beauty and the smiles, you just never know what someone is going through. It’s always important to treat others well! I pray for Cheslie and others out there. I try my best to be kind it doesn’t cost a thing! Take care and be well everyone and if you see or know someone dealing with mental illness, try to get them help. Till next time! xoxo


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One thought on “Remembering Cheslie Kryst

  1. Cheslie was angel. I’ve never met her but reading and watching her videos captures her essence
    A caring soul lost in a bigger world 🌎 of people who don’t care enough. We will miss her deeply. I work with young adults and adolescents all the time bit this loss has taken me days to even consider recovering

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