Rihanna Covers The May Issue Of ‘Vogue’

Awh look at this exquisite cover of Rihanna! Soon-to-be mommy covers the May 2022 issue of Vogue! The joy of motherhood, it’s something special and I think every woman should experience it atleast once. She is glowing and almost about to pop any day now but during the whole pregnancy, the 34-year-old starlet carried her little bundle of joy with great style! She also didn’t mind showing off her baby bump and high fashion looks on full display every chance she got lol.

Here she wears a simple red lace bodysuit by Alaïa, with opera-length gloves, and matching heels and Chopard jewels. In just hours, she has gained more than 2 million likes on her social media.

During her photoshoot held in Paris, France at the Ritz Carlton Paris, she was photographed by Annie Leibovitz, and was quoted as saying “I usually hate desserts, but all of a sudden you come close to me with a chocolate-​covered donut and you’ve got my heart forever,” she says, giggling. RiRi also craves tangerines with a little sprinkle of salt. “It has to be with salt and only with salt, because in Barbados we take our fruits to the ocean and soak them. Trust me, it really is a thing.”

I think her and A$AP Rocky will be great parents, can’t wait to see their little mini me! See Rihanna’s video inside of her fun and fashionable photoshoot, she looked amazeballs! This was also her seventh cover for Vogue wow!



Pic by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

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