Wardrobe Breakdown: Heidi Klum Green Sequins Dress On ‘America’s Got Talent’

What does a $1,450 green strapless sequins midi dress with metal trim structured neckline and internal corset outfit look like? Well, ask supermodel and tv personality Heidi Klum from America’s Got Talent what it feels like to wear such a garment since she just wiggled herself in one recently lol. I’ve been in a few pricey outfits but non that reached the price tag of that amount! Maybe with my whole look it totaled up to that amount but not for one piece of clothing, it must be really nice!

I loved the shade of green but I had to do a double take because I actually thought it was teal. It’s just the lighting on set, I guess lol. On the website, it’s really like an emerald green color but it still looked amazing on her! She also set the record straight for those out there like me who wrote that she only eats about 900 calories per day. She said in an instagram video that it’s sad that people read that and believe it! I sure did and my bad, I thought the reporter from a reputable source had her facts straight! She went on to say, “It’s really sad because people read that and think that and possibly follow that”.

Heidi, 50, continued that she never really counts her calories and don’t have to basically. It all started when someone asked her how much she weights and she got on a scale and showed her much she weight. She said, she don’t know but people put things together and just wrote a bunch of crap. So sorry for the confusion Heidi, I still love yah! See the designer of her pretty dress inside, love it so much and can be worn in so many ways….

Howie Mandell, Heidi, Sophia Vergara, Simon Cowell

Human Fountains

Heidi Klum, Lavender Darcangelo

Heidi was wearing a Roland Mouret sequins dress, gorgeous!



(Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC)



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