Robin Roberts Revealed What Michelle Obama Told Her When They First Met On ‘Sherri’

On Mondays show on “SHERRI,” Daytime Emmy Award-winning talk show host, comedian, actor and best-selling author SHERRI SHEPHERD spoke to the co-anchor of Good Morning America, Robin Roberts who revealed what Michelle Obama told her when they first met. See what Robin had to say inside…

Sherri:  When you’re talking to someone like Michelle Obama, how are you feeling? Are you nervous? She’s the former First Lady.

Robin: I am so blessed and highly-favored and I am so grateful for the people who have crossed my path  … My mom and daddy really taught their four children to treat everyone the same.”

I got to know Michelle Obama before her husband became president. He was a state senator. I’m meeting her for the first time … this is like 2004-5 … I went up to her and knew who she was… and she’s talking about Barack and she’s all upset [while looking at her phone]. And I’m like, ‘What’s the matter?’”

The shoot was in New York and they were living in Chicago [at the time]. And she says to me, “I told that man I was coming to New York. I put it on the fridge in Chicago.”

Can’t you see [Michelle] putting a little stick-it on the fridge because [Barack Obama] was trying to say – I didn’t know you were leaving. Who’s taking care of the kids?” 

And she was like, “Um … it has been on the fridge for two weeks!” When you know someone like that, I’m not intimidated anymore. She’s just so down to earth.


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