Rouge Dior Lipstick #IFeelGood


What a great surprise I received yesterday, it was so unexpected! The House of Dior sent me a very pretty personalized gift and what a treat it was. What was it? It was a collection of Rouge Dior lipstick in a variety of shades. Created by Peter Phillips, who’s the the Image Director of Dior Makeup, I must say he did a magnificent job! There are 50 new couture shades and 15 pure mattes, which I love personally. Inside see which colors they sent me and now my look will be totally chic this season! 


Dior Rouge, The New Lipstick

Satin Shades, Matte Shades, Extreme Shades Pastel Shades


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2 thoughts on “Rouge Dior Lipstick #IFeelGood

  1. I like all of the colors. Is the last one green? I see the bold colors in magazines, but I am not sure how one wears it in real life.

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