Roy Wood Jr. Gives Details On Hosting The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

“The Daily Show” star Roy Wood Jr. takes Sherri behind the scenes of hosting The White House Correspondents’ Dinner. While discussing the high-profile gig, Roy revealed that he knew he was in the clear while he was hosting when Lester Holt gave him the “Mr. Miyagi nod.” See below for quotes. We’d love to be considered for coverage! See the video clip inside, I thought he did an amazing job, you can’t always make a room full of suits laugh too!

Sherri: You were phenomenal hosting The White Correspondents’ Dinner. Roy, you got rave reviews. This is what I was telling the audience before when I was talking about you. This is one of the hardest gigs in the world because you got Democrats, you got Republicans and you’re trying to make everyone happy. But you killed it! Could you tell you were killing it?

Roy Wood Jr.: No. You’re not listening. All I’m doing is, “[singing] don’t mess up the joke, don’t mess up the joke, what’s the next joke, ok you got through that joke, do the next joke.”

And halfway through I look up and I see Lester Holt from NBC News and Lester Holt gave me one of these [Roy nods his head]. And that’s when I knew everything was going to be ok – he gave me one of those “Mr. Miyagi nod’s” from Karate Kid.


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