Seal Turns a McDonald’s Order Into A Love Song

Jennifer Hudson tasks the legendary Seal to turn a list of items available in the Cardi B and Offset meal at McDonald’s into a romantic tune. Seal discusses working at the fast-food chain in his pre-fame days and practicing singing while cleaning the bathrooms because of the good acoustics.

From watching the interview with Seal, I learned that he too worked at Mickey D’s as well! That was my first job when I was 15 years old. I worked for my great uncle and he owned one of the historical ones in Cleveland, Ohio! It was a fun job but I didn’t work there that long. Then I moved on to Wendy’s lol. Seal said he lasted about 2 weeks, I held on a little longer than that, maybe one full year lol.

I’ve always had a crush on Seal and remember when he first came out! I bought all his cd’s when I was in college! The handsome 60-year-old Britt is currently on tour and stops here in Atlanta on May 6th! See his video inside where he sings about McDonald’s with a love ballad lol…

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