‘Selfies’ On The Red Carpet At ‘Think Like A Man Too’


Sony Pictures' "THINK LIKE MAN TOO" Atlanta Red Carpet Screening With Kevin Hart, LaLa Anthony, Terrence J, Romany Malco and Tim Story

Kevin Hart and I take a selfie!

I had a photographer with me at the Think Like A Man Too premiere here in Atlanta last night, so I was trying to figure out what I was going to do different while standing there admiring and looking at all the celebs walk down the carpet! Thats when I thought to myself, I have a great spot on the carpet, why not ask the celebrities to take a “selfie” with me, this should be fun lol! Come inside to see who snapped cool “selfies” with me and who was the best at it! 


Me, Will Packer and his fiance Heather

Years ago, members of the media would have never asked celebrities to take photos with them while on the red carpet but times have changed. I’m not really a photographer anyway, I’m a true blogger and I try to really capture the moment and bring something back cool to my readers, this was one of them! Now you see all the celebs doing it with fans and more!

I must say that I truly think Will Packer(producer of Think Like A Man Too) took the best selfie with me but I think he gets a pass only because he knows lighting and how to get the perfect shot! I think thats because he works day in and day out on movie sets lol. He took the best to me!


Tv Personality and actor Terrance J, pretty good but blurry darn it!


Mayor Kasim Reed did an awesome job, he snapped this fabulous shot of us and told me how to get the frame just right! You wouldn’t think our Mayor of Atlanta would be so techy huh? Gotta love him, so cool and down to earth!


Romany Melco took this snap of us, cool!


Singer and reality star LeLe from SWV did great, like her face angle!


Ludacris fiance Eudoxie is so photogenic, she did a great job!


LaLa has a pretty smile and teeth, she shot this of us! Love her blonde short crop look!


My buddy Kevin Hart got all up in there for this snap! Here is our version but check out what Getty Images captured while we were snapping this LOL!

Sony Pictures' "THINK LIKE MAN TOO" Atlanta Red Carpet Screening With Kevin Hart, LaLa Anthony, Terrence J, Romany Malco and Tim Story

Photobombed by my friend/photographer Paras Griffin too funny! Thanks Getty!




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