Sexy hosiery!


I can not remember the last time I wore a pair of panty hose lol. Seriously, by my legs being so large, I always felt very uncomfortable wearing them. They were either too short in the crouch area, or would run as soon as I put them on. I had,had enough of them and vowed never to wear them again. I now shine up my legs and keep it moving. I did notice when I would prepare to go to church and have on stockings, my hubby and son would always love to rub on my legs lol.


Whats up with men and stockings? I remember when I was a young tot,I could hear my mom swishing thru the house, that sound of friction is still is in my head. I remember hearing that sound at church too with the women walking down the aisles. Those were funny times. One thing that Ive never wore was the thigh high stockings. I find them very complicated. The though of not having anything to pull up, was weird to me lol. I dont know if it was just me but I never could got into them.


I remember my girlfriends mom had a pair of thigh high stockings and the matching garter and we just laughed and snickered like it was something rated r. Now that I’m older,I do find thigh high stockings very sexy! I found this great site today from looking at Dita Von Teese’s website. She has her own line of stockings on SecretsinLace website.  I must say these are hott! I’m going to invest in a couple of pairs of these stockings and see how my hubby likes them. Wish me luck…wink! Let me know which ones are your favorite.



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