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Collette Peters


I love to make people smile and also like to share with my readers very unique businesses! Well I was watching The View today and It was Joy’s birthday,”Happy Birthday Joy” when I saw them roll out a cake. The cake was pink and sparkly and you know I was enjoying that! Then they said the creators name, ColletteCakes. I thought to myself,hmm that sounds familiar.


Come to find out I’ve seen her on the Food network several times in those baking and decorating competitions. I always rooted for her because she always seemed like the under dog or nervous. She always placed and she won a couple of times too. I wanted to share with you guys some of her great cakes! She also offers classes. I think she is Pinktabulous! She has made cakes for the White House, celebs like Britney Spears and more,wow! See you guys, God gives us all talents, you just have to learn how to tap into it. The skys the limit! Check out some of these pics and you can click to enlarge, let me know if you have any favs?



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