Sherri Shepherd Experiences A Live Wardrobe Malfunction

Today, talk show host Sherri Shepherd experienced a live wardrobe malfunction at the top of the show. As Sherri is introduced and walks out the doors onto the set of her daytime talk show, SHERRI, the host greets her audience and the pin at the top of the A.L.C. green dress comes off live on air! She laughs it off and tells the audience her dress is too “booby” while wardrobe stylist Willie Sinclair III comes out to fix it. She embraces the snafu and goes on with the show!  See the video clip inside…


Sherri says, “We had a little bit of a wardrobe snafu. In daytime [television], you can’t have this much boob out.


[Wardrobe stylist Willie Sinclair III comes out to fix the mishap].


Sherri continues, “… and so coming out on daytime,  sometimes it’s just too much. Before the doors opened, Willie said it’s too much boob … so he pinned it right before the doors were supposed to open up. And I was standing there praying for you all … and as the doors were opening up, the pin popped.  I just pulled it and threw it out! And so as I walked out,  I could just hear Willie go, ‘ahhhhhh.’ As Willie works on the dress, Sherri explains, “So he’s back here fixing it but he keeps pinning it in the back but I keep telling him it’s heavy they’re going to keep pulling it forward. But we gotta do what we gotta do. So everyone give Willie a hand.”

On the show Sherri was wearing a A.L.C. dress that you can get at Revolve.

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