Sherri Shepherd Took 15 Pages Of Notes From Oprah Winfrey

Sherri Shepherd revealed she found out that Barbara Walters and Richard Pryor had hooked up back in the day from the late Paul Mooney. She claims that Paul told her that he peeked through a door and saw Barbara and Richard being intimate. That’s when she told Joy Behar what she had learned in secrecy, but as soon as Joy saw Barbara, she brought up their tryst and Barbara asked Joy who told her. At the end of her story, Sherri said that Joy didn’t rat on her.

Comedian Sherri and actress Issa Rae discussed what pop culture topics they do and don’t give a damn about, including Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s showmance. Issa said she’s never cared about anything less while Sherri says she’s now into football and can’t wait to see what kind of song Taylor will release in the event they call it quits. Sherri also teased her upcoming Halloween show and says the Golden Bachelor’s hearing aid is sexy as hell.

Talk show host Sherri then shared the words of wisdom Oprah Winfrey gave her before her show premiered, explaining that the legendary media mogul told her that the energy she gives out will come back to her times two. All the while, Sherri does her best Oprah impression and Andy told her she clearly took Oprah’s advice because of her positive vibes. Plus, Sherri said the first question she’d ask Will Smith would be about Jada Pinkett Smith keeping his name out of her mouth.

During the After Show, Issa said she keeps her key to Inglewood mounted in her office and she was extremely proud to be the first person given a key to the city. The actress goes on to call the key being bestowed upon her “an honor” and describes her family attending the ceremony. Plus, Sherri Shepherd says the toughest part of competing on Celebrity Jeopardy was getting the right answers, but she was happy to do it for a good cause. See a funny clip inside and more photos, I loved Issa’s dress, I have the deets on that designer too!

Issa wearing Mach Mach Amelie dress and matching heels, cute!

(Photos by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

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