Sherri Tells Bachelor Nation’s Tyler Cameron What It’s Like to Be With A Cougar, Later Sherri Tests Positive For Covid, Oh No!

On today’s episode of SHERRI, talk show host Sherri Shepherd asks celebrity recruit Tyler Cameron (former contestant on The Bachelorette) of FOX’s Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test what he thinks about the group of women competing on the upcoming season of The Golden Bachelor. Sherri and Tyler also competed in a Sherri’s Boot Camp obstacle course!

Later it was reported that Sherri tested positive for Covid. The show will return with original episodes as soon as possible. For the remainder of this week, encore episodes from the beginning of the premiere week will air. Sherri said, ” I am absolutely heartbroken that I cannot return to host my show this week. As son as I get the all-clear from my doctor, I look forward to coming back strong to deliver the fun, laughter and a real good time.”

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Sherri: I’m really excited because The Golden Bachelor premieres next week and the entire cast is over 60. [shows photo of the cast] Tell me something. How do you feel about “cougars,” Tyler?

Tyler: … they look great right there. I’ve never been with a cougar but my dad’s friend always says it’s only weird the first time.

Sherri: … it’s not that it’s weird, Tyler. It’s just that we take you places that you’ve never been before!

Sherri: If I was a bachelorette, what would make me stand out? What advice would you give to me?

Tyler: I think you just need to give everyone hell. Cause a lot of drama  … stir it all up. People are going to love your comedy so just bring it all …  you got this. Drama wins.

Sherri continues and asks Tyler why decided to participate in Special Forces.

Sherri: Just being tested, did you ever feel like giving up or did it just make you want to go further? … How long did you have to hold your breath underwater?

Tyler: Like 40 seconds. I was good with it until I got in the cold water. Not good. I shriveled up. My lungs shriveled up. Everything shriveled up!

Sherri: Just the visuals … What is in your psyche? What made you want to do the show?

Tyler:  My little brother is in the Army and they brought me the opportunity … he’s the man …

Sherri: Thank you for his service.

Tyler: I thought it was going to be a vacation … It was not the vacation I thought it was. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It kicked my butt … I could be on a beach right now drinking a margarita.

Pics SHERRI/Debmar-Mercury

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