Sherri Wins Big At NAACP Image Awards

During today’s show Sherri recapped the NAACP Image Awards ceremony dinner last Friday when Sherri won the award for Outstanding Talk Series for her daytime talk show, “Sherri.” Sherri also laughed about the red carpet getting canceled due to the weather in Los Angeles.  But even with a storm that hit California with rain, hail and blizzard conditions Sherri and the team still had an unforgettable experience! See below for quotes.


Sherri: Not only was it raining, but it was also literally like a monsoon in Los Angeles. We kept getting flash flood alerts on our phones. It was hailing in Pasadena, it was snowing. But nothing was stopping us. And we made it to the dinner but instead of SUVs we could have probably used a few submarines to get there. It felt like an episode of survivor, the rainforest edition. And on our way to the NAACP dinner on Friday, we got word that the red carpet got canceled. Because it got flooded. So they had the dinner set up with a beautiful, tented roof, but in order to get to it … you had to walk across the walkway that was covered in plastic. Water was all on top of the tents. When you got inside the carpet was soaking wet … so we all were soaking wet. The tent was shaking. The roof was shaking … but I tell you we all had a good time despite the weather drama!

Photo & video credit: SHERRI/Debmar-Mercury

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