Sherri’s Wig Falls Off On Live TV!

Talk show host Sherri Shepherd’s wig slips off on live TV while recapping the viral clip of Sarah Jakes Roberts wig-slip in front of a live studio audience.   See the hilarious video clip inside…


Sherri: Here’s the thing. When you wear wigs, you are trusting the person that put the wig on, that it’s going to be secure. The thing about wigs is when it starts sliding you can feel it slide. Because you will start out with it down here and all of a sudden it starts making its way up. Especially if the wig weighs a lot. And all you can do is what Sarah Jakes did, which is pull it forward. So, she preached for the rest of the show in her wig cap. Because there is nothing you can do at that moment. You can’t throw down the mic, and walk out and go fix it. The show must go on. She can’t start screaming … I was so inspired by Sarah Jakes. Because I know how that happens. She just inspired so many people, they just jumped up [Sherri jumps and her wig falls off!].

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9 thoughts on “Sherri’s Wig Falls Off On Live TV!

  1. Sherri was representing and let you know that when things like that happens, the show must go on and laugh about what just happen and keep moving!

  2. If I was in the audience I would have took mines off too too show support.

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