Sidecar Soiree At St. Regis Hotel Atlanta

Had a great time stopping by a Sidecar Soiree at the beautiful St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta over the weekend. I got to meet owners of Sidecar, Stacey and Carley who invented a hat accessory that snaps your hat in place when you have had enough of wearing it! I got to see the gizmo up close and personal and it’s such a cute invention. The ladies introduced some new products coming soon and we got to mingle with fashionable guests. I love a themed-party and it was nice to get out and socialize. Check out a few snaps from the elegant affair inside, so sweet!

Cheers to Sidecar!

Owners Carley Faircloth and Stacey Sidles Ollinger

Sidecar accessory

With the lovely Christine Pullara (Tv Personality on 11 Alive)

A brunette and a blonde with an unbreakable bond. Friends first, cofounders later, Stacey Ollinger and Carley Faircloth are just about as different as you can imagine!⁠ But a little mix of business know-how and creativity was just what they needed to create our unique and fashionable hat and accessory wearing solution. And fun fact: the name Sidecar comes from a combination of Stacey Sidles “Side” Ollinger and Carley “Car” Faircloth!⁠


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