Sneak Peek: L.A. Hair Is Back!

WE tv's L.A. Hair Season 3  Premieres Thursday, May 22 at 9pm ET-PT

On Thursday, May 22 at 9PM ET/PT, ‘Hair’ Majesty, Kim Kimble, Returns with season three of the hit WE tv series L.A. HAIR.  I do not get WE Tv on my cable network but they were so kind to send me the first episode and it was very good, you guys are in for a treat when it airs! Come inside for the sneak peek! 

In this upcoming season, celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble’s (whose hair credits include Beyoncé, Shakira, Zendaya, Mary J. Blige, Tika Sumpter, Solange, Lady Gaga, Kerry Washington, Kelly Rowland, Sanaa Lathan, and many more) West Hollywood salon is thriving, but more ‘turnt up’ than ever. A new celeb barber wreaks havoc; ex-employee Angela is rumored to opening a new salon; and Kim looks to expand to a new city, an ambitious move that could bring her empire to its knees.


In addition to dealing with demanding, A-list clientele, Kim has lofty plans to expand her business to another city. But too much too soon could bring her empire crumbling down. Kim’s luxurious West Hollywood salon undergoes a sophisticated upgrade and in a bold business move, Kim hires a new barber, Lisa, with a celebrity roster and an explosive personality that sends shockwaves through the salon. Meanwhile, rumors run rampant when former protégée-turned-enemy Angela is looking to open her own high-end salon and is threatening to take one of Kim’s top stylists, Dontay, as her partner. With Angela on the prowl, Kim must watch her back at all times. Will Kim’s other stylists remain loyal as a darker menace emerges? This season no one is left untouched as Kim’s growing ambition even threatens to destroy her relationship with her sister Leah and drive her mother Jas to the brink. Is Kim willing to turn her empire into an almighty hair dynasty at any cost, or is she in danger of being dethroned?

In the season three premiere, Kim styles “Being Mary Jane” star Gabrielle Union. Dontay plots to leave the salon to partner-up with Angela, escalating reigniting a feud between Kim and her former protégée. Meanwhile, a full-scale brawl erupts between Anthony, and Kim’s newest addition to the salon – a barber named Lisa with a celebrity roster a mile long and a bad attitude to match.

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