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I needed some much needed relaxation, after a month of hustle and bustle trying to buy christmas gifts. I had the pleasure of getting a nice invite to go check out Soothe Massage Studio . It’s located in the Buckhead inside a cool office building.  When you walk into Soothe Massage Studio all you see in white. I thought I was entering heaven lol. It was very serene and very peaceful feeling. I felt relaxed just sitting in the waiting area.

I was greeted by a very perky lady by the name of Angie. She has a great smile and showed me to the back. She told me she was going to be my massage lady for the day. I was very happy to get a female because I cant concentrate when I have men lol. I’ve only had 2 massages in my life because I don’t like people rubbing on me, but I said I would give it a try one more time plus I liked Angie, lol.


I love the space in Sooth Massage Studio because you can get your workout in with all their state of the art equipment, then head over for a quick message. I love the two of those ideas.They told me that they were going to be expanding soon and offer more services. I cant wait to see that and come back to visit.


Me trying to get relaxed lol

Angie and I laughed and talked as she rubbed me down with oil and told me how tense I was. I didn’t have alot of knots though, I was happy about that. Some of the massages that they offer are the Soothe Swedish Massage for muscle tension, Soothe Deep Tissue Massage for acute muscle tension, Soothe Sports Massage for injuries and I love this one, the Soothe Pregnancy Massage for contractions. See I needed that one while I was expecting. I never thought to get a message while pregnant.


Angie working her magic!

That would make such a nice gift for the mommy to be! Im going to remember that! They also do Soothe Couples Massage, that would be great for a hot date, or an anniversary gift to your significant other. I got the Soothe Hot Stone Massage and I’ve never had that, and it felt great! I was in heaven and almost fell asleep on her lol.


The Hot Stones felt great!

Angie told me she got into massage therapy because she dated a guy who use to have massage people come to his house. She says she got a massage and fell in love with it. She really enjoys doing massages and alot of her clients are housewives,athletes,and people injured in accidents.

Cole is the owner of Soothe Massage Studio and he says he has been in business for over a year. He really loves it. If your in need of a great workout, or massage please check out this Pinktabulous facility its so relaxing. It’s located inside of David Buer and if you tell them I sent you and you can get a Two Hour Hot Stone Message for $95.00 for a limited time.
Use this link below to find out how to book your appointment and get the discounted rate.


Thanks to EllaBeePr for the personal invite!




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