Spotted: Talking With Tami In Igigi

McDonalds Essence Fest Joi Pearson Photography009

Hey guys so I finally got a chance to catch my breathe and I have SO much to tell you bad and good but I will wait to post all of that on Monday when I return home! Its been mad crazy and I am working on 2 hours of sleep but was able to sneak away to do an outfit post on what I wore day 1 here at Essence Festival. I had a media dinner with McDonald’s which was is one of my sponsors and they threw a welcome dinner! I also want to share a inspirational post about another subject too that you guys will love! It’s pretty hot here but not like I expected. Thank goodness we have a driver for everywhere we need to go and Im literally out in the heat for maybe 5 minutes, so I am very appreciative of that! 

For the welcome dinner with McDonald’s I wore a very comfortable black Catalina jumpsuit from Igigi with a pair of black and gold Prada crisscross platform sandals. My jumper is still available for $148 and my sandals retailed for $830. More posts coming soon! xoxo

Sidenote: My makeup was done courtesy of professional makeup artist Nicole Williams who has a beauty blog called, Style Makers Tv.

McDonalds Essence Fest Joi Pearson Photography008



Images courtesy of Joi Pearson

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