The Benefits Of Washing Your Hair Less

Whether it’s because you live in a hotter climate, have an active lifestyle, or simply don’t like the feeling of dirty hair, you might like showering and washing your hair every day. However, while it might make you feel cleaner, washing your hair daily is actually a lot less helpful for you than you think.

Here are some key reasons and benefits for why you should start washing your hair less frequently.

Your hair will become shinier and stronger

While too much oil is never a good thing, washing your hair too often can strip it of much of the natural oils that protect it from dryness and dullness. Not allowing the hair’s natural oils to spread throughout and coat your hair causes split ends and breakage.

By washing your hair less, it will look and feel healthier, as well as prevent a dry scalp that leads to itchiness, dandruff, and hair shedding. If you want to help your hair even further, you can also consider eating and drinking foods or supplements that promote healthier hair.

It’s easier to style

While your hair might feel cleaner and look sleeker when you wash it daily, you might also notice that it’s flatter and unable to hold curls and hairstyles as effectively. Because there isn’t much grip or texture in your hair that oil can provide, you might not be able to get the same effect you want that’ll last throughout the day.

Washing your hair less frequently and allowing the oils to coat your hair makes it more malleable and holds your desired style in place better, even without the use of hair products. Best yet, you can style your hair once and keep that style for the next few days while you aren’t washing your hair.

It gets rid of grease

This might sound counterproductive, but washing your hair less actually leads to your scalp producing less oil over time.

Because you’re stripping the scalp of its natural oils so frequently through overwashing, your sebaceous glands may be working overtime to produce the oils that are lost, leading to overly greasy hair. By “training” your hair through less frequent washing and shampooing and less heat styling, your hair will start producing less oil over time and allow you to skip washing every day.

Final Note

While wanting to keep your hair clean isn’t a bad intention, washing it too much could actually be doing more harm for you than good. Training your hair through less frequent washing can provide so much more benefits, giving you a less irritated scalp, stronger follicles, and overall better and healthier looking and feeling hair.

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