Spotted: Talking With Tami in Igigi ‘Heidi’ Dress


So I told you guys that I was at this very interesting location yesterday for a shoot. The place was called the Mattress Loft and it has some very cool and interesting looking places to shoot inside. Great for fashion shoots and artsy type photography! My husband and I really loved the textures of the walls and hallways so we got out the iPhone and started shooting. I was wearing this pretty lil blue dress that was sent to me and we loved how the images came out! 

I’m very comfortable shooting with my hubby and here are a few shots of me in the stairwell at the Lofts that Mr. Reed shot. I’m wearing a Igigi Heidi halter dress from their Escape Artist collection. This dress retails for $128. My hat is borrowed from Max from his many hats that he collects that were in his studio. He said this was his grandfathers’ hat. Its handmade by Stefano from JJ Hats out of Manhattan. I never ever wear these type of hats but wanted to try something different, too fun!  xoxo





heidi_dress_navy3176   Shot by Mr. Reed

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