Spotted: Talking With Tami in Kathy Hilton



This is a funny story. You know how you try on a dress but you are not wearing the right foundation, so you think it doesn’t look too flattering? Well thats what happen with this dress right here when I first attempted to try it on, I was thinking hmm? 

Then it sat in my closet for a few days just hanging there when I was still trying to decide what to pack for my trip to Los Angeles. I then tried it on again and I liked it! Ofcourse, this time I was wearing the right undergarments that made it look much better. I was finally happy with it and packed it along with some other things and I was off to #LuckyFabb! This Kathy Hilton dress was sent to me by New York Dress and yep I love it and ofcourse the color! I don’t normally wear lace but it’s very popular this season. I loved the tulle accent, very girly and just perfect for the #LuckyFabb Brunch! Got lots of compliments on it and paired it with Givenchy shades and BCBG sandals. Dress retails for $330. xoxo







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