Steve Harvey’s Freedom Friday event


Ok, pay attention because I’m going to write really fast because I have alot to say lol. First off, I want to give all praises to God for all my blessings that have come my way this year. It’s been a long road for me and I’m glad you guys come by and visit my blog daily and support me and to see my adventures on my journey! I really appreciate each and every one of you! Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today, I really mean that from the bottom of my heart! Kisses and hugs!


Steve Harvey Foundation

Ok, on to the partee! I dont know if you guys know that I’m not a night person at all! I got an invite to come to Steve Harveys Freedom Friday fundraiser event. I was excited to go because I like to support my fellow Clevelander but looked at the time and it said 9pm. Oh gosh I was thinking, because I live an hour away from Atlanta where the event was being held, and I just dont do well at late events. My energy level after 7pm is flatlined….. lmao!


Ford new Taurus

So I took a quick nap and got up and got myself all cute and put on my signature pink just for Steve lol. So I picked up my manager Kristie and she quickly noticed I was not in a good mood. She said, Oh no we cant have this, lets get you a pepsi! You can’t be on the carpet with that face looking like that, lol. We get to the venue its held at Americas Mart in downtown Atlanta. The set up was amazing and Ford was the title sponsor. I loved the colorful table linens and the V.I.P area was really cool.


V.I.P. Lounge

I walked pass these two pretty ladies and they asked me to sign up for their contest. I said,”what contest?” looking confused. The young lady explained that Steve was having a competition for, “Thick Waste, Pretty Face“. At the time, I didnt realize it was for Plus size models but I was for sure thick, (as we like to call women who wear size 12/14). So I told the lady, I would pass. The DJ was playing some great music,getting the crowd hyped as we watched people dance. Shortly after, they made an announcement that Steve was there and that if you wanted to get in the contest to go up to the stage area. My manager was like ,”girl you should do it!” I was like,what the heck I will do it, just for fun!


Comedian Steve Harvey,the well dressed man

So, I went to the stage and it was 12 girls that entered. I was the last to sign up but looked at the other girls and noticed they were a lil bit bigger than me, but still never really paid it any mind. So Steve comes out and says a speech about his Steve Harvey Foundation and how he wants to help our young men of today. He teaches them life skills, how to dress,how to conduct their selves and more. I think we really need to have more men like Steve helping our young men because so many dont have good role models, or father figures.


After his speech he started the contest. I was 3rd to last and they quickly lined us up by the stage. I watched the ladies go on stage one by one and do their thing. I knew that when I went up on stage, that I would do something funny and different to get Steve’s attention because I noticed the first couple of girls didn’t really acknowledge Steve. When he called my name, I went deaf and focused on what I was going to do. I sashayed on stage and did a lil dance for him then modeled a lil bit for the audience. The crowd really liked me and it made me feel great! I remember Steve saying jokingly,”Girl you gon make me buy you something” lmao!


And the winner is….

After all of us girlies finished, they lined us up in Apollo style and Steve said to applaud for the one you liked. One by one people yelled and clapped for their favorite person. When it got to me, the crowd went bananas, lol. I dont know if my pink was working for me that night but I was overwhelmed by the response! Steve then narrowed it down to the top 3. It was all like a dream to me when they called my name and said, I won!!!!! I was like, wow is this really happening to me? I was the girl mad because I had an evening event and passed on the chance to enter at first.


Me & Contestant Tiffany Greer

Steve presented me with a $200 gift card to Sambucas restaurant and we took candid pics together. In between each girls performance on stage, Steve was telling some great jokes and had a great stage presence,they crowd loved him. I really admire his work and I would like to say thanks so much for the opportunity! It’s funny I dont think he remembers I was the girl that interviewed him at Carols Daughter opening at Lenox Mall( At first he told other reporters no interviews, but I was gutsy enough to tell him I was from Cleveland,with that  he allowed me to ask him a couple of questions. Thank you Steve for being such a nice guy!  I wish you many years of success! Thanks to Diane Larche of Larche Communications for the personal invite! Please click on videos to watch and I will holla at you guys later!

*I have 3 videos in total on YouTube, if you would like to see more! This was my winning performance, lol. Videos contains some profanity

Pt 2:

pt 3:




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