Straw And Wool Hat Store In Phoenix, Arizona

I love when a press trip is thoroughly thought out! That’s what happened for my trip to Phoenix, Arizona with Nissan. I was in town last weekend for my very first black rodeo! I had never heard of it and although I know what a rodeo is, I didn’t know they had an exclusive rodeo for African Americans. I’m late to the party I guess lol. While in town, we made a stop to one of the most popular stores to get cowboy hat and The Official Hat Shoppe of Phoenix and that’s Straw and Wool Hat Store. It’s black-owned and very popular.

The staff was amazing and very knowledgeable of their large selection of brims and I was eager to find the perfect cowboy hat. I never owned one and wanted a neutral color so that I could get a lot of wear out of it. I did know I wanted a straw hat and laid eyes on the one I’m pictured in. Most of my wardrobe for the trip was browns, tans and denim, so it went perfect! I will let you know too, cowboy hats are NOT cheap and are very well made.

In the store they have wool, straw and cloth headwear with tons of different styles, shapes, designs and colors. You can add all sorts of accessories to your hat like feathers and leather items as well. They also offer customization. Take a peek inside of all the hats, and I also bought a tiny hat for my grandson that he fell in love with, so cute! If you’re thinking of visiting Phoenix or live there, check them out and tell em’ I sent yah!

Founded in February 2020, our founders have always had a love for style and each has had their individual experience with selling men’s accessories independently for several years. With Phoenix being such a transplant town having residents from all over the country, many of whom have a deep appreciation for classic hats, the three came together to create a destination for hat lovers and hat newbies alike.

Genuine interest in our customers, and the community embodies who we are as a brand. Our mission is to bring a sense of style and pride to the Phoenix Valley and beyond while providing the best shopping experience and variety of quality headwear and accessories to our customers. While also supporting the community through various philanthropic efforts, from fundraising to direct donations.

“We want to change the culture in Phoenix and beyond, where it will be normal to see someone walking down the street in a classic hat. It creates a different energy when you see classic hats. Phoenix is in the middle of a Renaissance of sorts and we feel the hats just add to that spirit. You feel different when you wear a classic hat and people have a different perception of you with that small change. So far we have seen an amazing response to the new store.”

Straw And Wool Hat Store

610 E Roosevelt St

Phoenix, Arizona 85004

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