Wardrobe Breakdown: Halle Berry At The Oscars

Oscar winner Halle Berry raised eyebrows last night at the 93rd Annual Academy Awards show. She was a presenter this year and usually always comes through with some sort of head-turning gown. What caught the eyes of everyone and made for a great laugh on the internet was her choppy blunt bob look that got people laughing. I really loved her look, the designer chiffon mauve-colored gown, the minimal makeup and no added jewels but that darn haircut took me out!

I am praying that was just a wig she was wearing and that she didn’t really chop her real hair off but the bangs just didn’t do any justice to her beautiful face! That’s just my opinion but lots agreed that the hairstyle was a HUGE no! Other than that, let’s keep it positive and look at more stunning photos of her inside and I have the details on who made her gown. Have a great week everyone and stay safe!

Halle wore a custom Dolce & Gabbana chiffon gown, lovely


images via Instagram

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