My Style: Adidas Black Three Stripe Midi Dress

Its very rare that you EVER see me in sneakers lol. It’s just not something that I wear often but having two teenagers and especially with my daughter, she tells me to step up my fashion game more lol. I was in Greenville, South Carolina last week looking for something to do while I was recharging my Chevy vehicle. So me and my friend headed to the local mall. I wasn’t really looking to buy anything that day but really fell in love with this Adidas body con dress and sneakers I saw at Lady Foot Locker. My daughter texted me when she saw the picture I posted in the outfit and said that she wanted it as soon as I got back home, yep she stole it from me lol. I got so many texts and comments about my look because supposedly this dress is hard to find. Well I found it in a small town mall, isn’t that crazy lol. I really wanted a pink one but they were all sold out. It’s great to wear out running errands, out with friends etc. More pics inside and where to find! 

Location: Downtown Asheville, North Carolina

Hair & Makeup: Me

Dress: Adidas Black Three Stripe Midi Dress

Shoes: Adidas SuperStar Shoes

Photographer: Jennifer Jones



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