Wardrobe Breakdown: Cardi B On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The number one female rapper right now Cardi B made an appearance on The Jimmy Fallon Show on Tuesday with all those smiles lol. Yep she is getting those major coins now! She was on with G-Eazy to perform her latest song “No Limit”. Did you like her performance or did you see it at all? I’m not that much of a red fan but did like her shearling fur coat? It must be pretty cold where ever she was because down here in the south, it’s still 90 degrees lol. I have all the details on what she was wearing for her performance plus the video clip inside, check it out! 

Cardi B was wearing a Alexander McQueen shearling & leather biker coat(Fall 2017 Collection) with Balenciaga black thigh-high boots, and Versace sunnies, cute!

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