My Style: Jordyn One Shoulder Jumpsuit

First off, let’s get the “elephant in the room” outta the way right now! My daughter Tyra thought it would be a really cute idea to put my hair up in a ponytail, like she does so many of her young clients hair lol. I said, you got me looking like a toddler and she said, Im the hairstylist let me do me! Lawd, but everyone loved it on me but it does make me appear a bit more youthful so whatever, it was fun to do for a day or so! Moving on, I thought I was going to go out and turn up with my daughter for once at some popular hooka lounge bar but what happened?

All her friends flaked out and my friends too, so it turned out to be just me, Tyra and my long time friend DJ Blak that just went out to eat. After a few bites of my meal, I felt extremely tired and headed home, what a party pooper. That was my Saturday night, turn up for what LOL! I wore this cute off the shoulder jumpsuit that you can still find on Fashion Nova’s website plus I have a discount code for you inside, enjoy your day everyone! 

Location: My Spot

Hair & Makeup: Dootie, wearing Fat Ass Lashes #BossBitch

Jumpsuit: Fashion Nova Jordyn off the shoulder jumpsuit use my discount code XOTAMI for 25% Off on your next purchase.

Shoes: Old Shoedazzle booties

Photographer: Dootie

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4 thoughts on “My Style: Jordyn One Shoulder Jumpsuit

  1. This is cute.

    That’s me going out. It’s all fun and games until I get there. Then I am sleepy lol.

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