My Style: Over Sized Zipper Pants

My event planner Gail Johnson invited me out to an industry event with her last night for the Grand Opening of The Fairmont. It’s a very nice event space located on the North side of Atlanta. Boy was it swanky in there with all the decor, food and music was plentiful! I ran up to my daughter’s salon earlier to get all pretty and wore this burgundy silk top and pants set for the occasion! It was a big hit at the party and everyone complimented me on the color.

I also had a lot of people commenting on my weight loss, saying “Ok girl that’s enough” like I can really help losing weight after having the flu for a few days and being stressed out lol. It doesn’t work like that folks and if I don’t have an appetite, I just don’t know what to tell yah! I’m not losing weight on purpose, it’s just that I’m going through a lot right now and the last thing I want to see is food! Eating is NOT my comfort. More pics and where to find inside, enjoy your weekend and stay warm! xoxo

Location: Duluth, Ga

Hair & Makeup: Dootie

Blouse: Shoedazzle smocked off shoulder top

Pants: Fashion Nova Over Sized Zipper Pants use my discount code XOTAMI on your next purchase to get 25% off!

Shoes: Steve Madden Booties (old)

Photographer: Dootie


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