Summer Sandals: Tonnya Flatform Strappy Wedges

Good day and happy Monday everyone! I have some funny news to share with you first! My grandson is always at my house playing and carrying on but for some reason I was not watching him very closely and I turned my back for a second the other day and he poured his bottle on my MacBook Air Laptop and when I tell yah I had a hissy…lawd! It was just a couple of drops on my computer but those drops lead to water damage and it messed up the keyboard. As we all know, I’m a full-time blogger and I use my computer throughout the day and it’s my livelihood. So when I tell you that I almost had a heart attack, boy o boy!

He didn’t mean it I know and he’s a baby but usually I put my computer away when he is over, or I’m right by his side when he’s watching things on it like Baby Shark or Sesame Street, two of his favorite things to watch. I just stepped away to use the bathroom and it was all over lol! Luckily, I had a friend that referred me to someone who fixes Apple products and he had me back up in running in no time. I dropped it off on Sunday morning and that afternoon, it was all finished. So shout out to Rodney over at Rapid Repair in Douglasville, Ga. I’m very grateful!

This weekend was very nice out, so I put on these cute wedge scrappy sandals and did my tootsies. These sandals are very cute for summer time fun, out and about for a date or just kicking it with friends. Love them and I find them very fashionable for sure! Have a great day and be safe out there EVERYONE!

Shoedazzle Tonnya Platform Wedges

Orly Birds of Prey Mind Over Mayhem Neon Pink Polish


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