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Hello lovelies, what does your daily routine usually look like? I know that I am an early bird and I start really early with my daily routines because that allows me to feel fresh and full of energy! Some people work better at night but I am not normally a night person so mornings are definitely better for me. I rise every morning at 6 a.m. like clockwork with no help from an alarm clock. I have always been an early riser and I think I got it from my grandma and mom. My sister is like that too and we all chat early a.m. it’s too funny!

I wanted to share with you my daily schedule/routine that I do, it’s not super busy or hectic but I like it and I’m such a creature of habit. With everyone working or staying indoors, I’m sure its a bit challenging now but my routine hasn’t changed that much since I’ve always worked from home anyway lol. Only thing is, I don’t have events to head to in the evening anymore…sigh! But check out what I do daily and I hope you stay safe out there, Love on everyone! 

6am: I’m up and feeling refreshed! I check my phone for text messages and go on instagram to see my dm’s etc. I watch the local news and get up to brush my teeth, shower etc.

7am: I turn on the tv and find Good Morning America and get my laptop out. I log onto my website and think of what I want to blog about start editing pictures and finding unique stories etc.

I chat with my boyfriend, who is usually headed to work or already at work. I talk to my mom and sister sometimes my best friend too.

I make up my bed and then make some sort of breakfast like oatmeal with fresh fruit and toast. I have a ginger ale to give me that extra boost.

9am: I tune into Live Kelly & Ryan and watch that and still blog and edit photos while listening to the tv. I then chat with my daughter and grandson on FaceTime and see what they are up to. I usually post something on Instagram and my other social media.

10am: Still blogging and finding stories I want to upload, editing pictures and talking on the phone usually to another girlfriend of mine. I turn to NBC’s Hoda & Jenna. Watch that for awhile and talk on the phone.

11am: Turn to Wendy Williams, watch that while checking emails, social media, still blogging etc.

12pm: Lunch time, find out what my son wants to eat and either order in or pickup food. Chat with my boyfriend and head outdoors for a walk if it’s nice out. (I would normally be out at a brand’s luncheon or interviewing someone about a project or tv show).

1pm: Check mail, get mail and packages from mailbox. Then later I put a look together and have my son take photos of me in the items. Edit pictures and get ready for social media and blog.

2pm: I’m usually done with my blog by now, then I tidy up around the house.

Usually at this time, I’m preparing to head out and trying to find an outfit for a red carpet or event. Usually will go to my daughters salon and get my hair done etc.

3pm: I’m watching the Tamron Hall Show, then Ellen and just doing things around the house.

6pm: Whining down thinking of what to make for dinner or if I’m going to get take out. Talk to my grandson again and my boyfriend, just doing things around the house.

8pm: I’m in my bed but not sleep, just watching tv. (Normally I would be at a movie screening or event) If not, I’m just home in pajamas watching tv. Talk to my boyfriend before I head off to bed. Surf the internet and go on instagram and post.







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