Sunny on Deck!


Talking With Tami:  Tell us how you got into rapping?

My dad produces music so when I was 8 he started teaching me how to rap and record music in our home studio. From there I moved into dance and developed my dance skills so now I can incorporate my music with my dance skills.


TalkingWithTami: You have a banging song called, Rejerk! Tell us how you came up with the song,and what does it mean lol?

Well, originally being from Los Angeles, I wanted to do my own spin on the hottest new dance music and moves, the Jerk and the Reject. So my producer and I came up with the concept ReJerk which is a new dance as well as a hott record combining the Jerk and Reject Sunny Style.
TalkingWithTami: You love bold colors,I love it! Tell us who’s your favorite clothing designer, and where do you like to shop?

Yes, yellow is my favorite as well as my signature color. My wardrobe is a combination of custom apparel made for me and items from all over but my favorite store is Hot Topic. I love their accessories, I am also a big shoe girl so all my shoes are custom designed for my by Glitter Kix.


TakingWithTami: Your still in school. What’s your fav subject?

Are you active in any extracurricular activities after school? Well, this year I am a sophomore in high school but I am home schooled which helps me manage my schedule. My favorite subject is math and unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of time to commit to extracurricular activities. Its all about the music for me.
TalkingWithTami: Imagine you get to open for any artists thats hott right now! Name us one artists who you would love to open for in concert?

I would have to say the obvious, Drake. I love his creativity and style. He adds so much to the rap game right now I would love to meet and learn from him. I’m coming for you Drake!

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