Tamron Hall Gets Her Own Custom Doll

On today’s edition of “Tamron Hall,” guests from all walks of life joined the show to share their journey of defying the odds and overcoming challenges. Actor and singer Adassa, star of the wildly popular movie “Encanto,” discusses her health struggles during the casting process for the Disney film, and her determination to tackle the dream role. Tamron also welcomed Dr. Lisa Williams, creator and founder of Fresh Dolls, a multicultural toy brand prioritizing representation and diversity, who shares what drove her to start the brand and credits an early interview with Tamron as the catalyst for her success. Williams even surprises Tamron with her own custom doll. Also, Maggie Kudirka AKA the Bald Ballerina opens up about her decision to share her breast cancer diagnosis publicly in the ballet community. Plus, David Rush, who holds over two hundred Guinness World Record titles, breaks another record live in the “Tamron Hall” studio.

Dr. Lisa Williams credits Tamron with the success of her multicultural toy brand, Fresh Dolls:

“Tamron, I wanted to say that all of the things that I’m experiencing now and the deep gratitude that my family and my larger Fresh family experiences is so much due to you. I’m not gonna cry. But you interviewed me many years ago on MSNBC. Do you remember? We had an amazing time, but you put me on a platform, a national platform that gave me credibility and allowed people to see these dolls and have an opportunity to see the value of having custom blended skin tone, one-of-a-kind face dolls. Without you, without you Tamron, so many people recognize us – Oprah has recognized us – but you started. Without you this wouldn’t happen.”


Images via Tamron Hall Show

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