Taraji P. Henson For Allure Magazine

taraji p henson for allure

Empire Actress Taraji P. Henson is the sexy new covergirl for Allure Magazine! The shoot was inspired by the 70’s since that’s when she was born. In her video interview, she talks about the transformation of her hairdos over the years lol. They are so funny to see and I definitely feel her because I wore some funny hairstyles myself! Check out more pics inside and a few excerpts plus the funny video!  

taraji p henson allure mag

taraji p henson

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What’s on your face right now? “My moisturizer, by Paul Scerri. These [she bats her eyelashes] are extensions. That helps with not feeling like you have to do anything to your face.”

What’s your biggest skin issue? “I break out. My problem is not picking. I try to pick the right way.”

What’s your favorite makeup? “My makeup artist has this amazing highlight-contour stick: Perfect Blend [by Ashunta Sheriff]. Sometimes I just cover my dark circles, contour my cheekbones, throw on bronzer, and I’m out the door.”

What’s your biggest hair concern? “My hair is very curly, very different from when I blow-dry and straighten it. With humidity, it will convert back to its curly state. So I can’t sweat. I have to be really still and stay in the cool.”

What’s your best hair trick? “I wrap it in a scarf at night to keep it straight.”

What’s one beauty ritual you must do before a romantic night? “I wash my hair because I love how it moves when it’s clean, fluffy. It’s just girlie and playful.”


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