Taste of Atlanta, yummy!


Over the weekend I got to stop by Taste Of Atlanta.You guys know I love my food and I was excited to attend this annual event.This time they moved it from Atlantic Station to 5th and Spring St. I thought the turn out was fab, I could hardly walk down the street without bumping into people. Actually, I did bump into several celebs. One was Top Chef reality star Carla Hall.


Carla Hall from Top Chef

I asked her what was going on with her and she said she still has her catering company. She was one of the platform chefs cooking, but on sunday she was just cruising around. Then I ran into comedian Rodney Perry. He is the sidekick on Monique’s new talk show on B.E.T. He was with his wife who was expecting their fourth child.


Comedian Rodney Perry

You know I made my way over to the vendors booths and a couple of booths that really stuck out to me were the Ritz Carlton Buckhead! They made a¬†Southern Rub BBQ Beef Rib and Butter Squash and Bacon Hash. It was falling off the bone and my face was nice and greasy! It was so good I had to sit down because I got seconds lol. Mostly all my tickets went to that booth. They also made an awesome apple pie trifle,”omg it was to die for”, as Rachel Zoe says lol.


Ritz Carlton Buckhead booth was slammin!

I loved trying some of the foods, but Im not good at trying unfamiliar things. My girlfriends that were there tried some foods, and swore by it, but Im funny acting and a coward, so I passed on some things lol. I did see for the first time, Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles! They had the best fried chicken,waffles,greens and mac and cheese. After that sampling, I needed a nap!


I also saw some organic vendors that had live chickens. I felt sorry for the lil chickens after eating at Glady’s lol. I told the chickens I was sorry! I also got a chance to be an artist for a day. Blue Moon beer had a huge billboard there and I got to channel my inner artist. They will be placing the finished billboard somewhere downtown, so look out for the masterpiece I helped create soon, ha!


The  Blue Moon billboard!

Well check out all the pics and I hope to see you there next year! Look for me standing in line, at the dessert section lol! Thanks to 360 media for the invite!



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