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Delino DeShields

TalkingWithTami: When did know that baseball would be your passion? I was 12 years old when I started playing baseball seriously. I played when I was younger I think I was three years old. I would be at the games with my dad and I thought it was fun.


TalkingWithTami: How was it growing up with a professional athlete for a dad in the house? What was that like? I kinda wish I had a different name because of the association. My name and my dad name is the same, I want to make a name for myself. I really didnt think of it, It was a normal life. Now I realize how fortunate I was.

TalkingWithTami: Outside of baseball, what is another love or passion of yours? What else do you like to do? Football is another passion of mine. Hanging out with my friends and enjoying my downtime is great. I love being around my family.


TalkingWithTami: How do you deal with the young girls admiring you, now that you are a popular athlete and not to bad on the eyes lol?

I try to keep it all into perspective lol. Right now, I’m staying focused on my goals(he grins at me).

TalkingWithTami: From my understanding you have several scholarships from colleges to play football, but you love baseball.


Which do you prefer to play and what college would you like to attend? I haven’t made any decisions on colleges yet, I’m keeping my options open. I would like to play both sports if possible.

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