THE REAL: All New! Tiffany Haddish’s Big Reveal About Tamera And She Gets REAL About Dating!

On Thursday, March 20, the ladies of The Real welcome actress and author Tiffany Haddish! She stuns co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley with the reveal that they have a long history together that goes all the way back to college!

Then, when addressing her current love life, Tiffany turns to Jeannie Mai for advice on how to date a rapper because of  the co-host’s relationship with Jeezy, and Jeannie is more than happy to oblige! And then upon hearing about some of Tiffany’s unusual eating habits, co-host Adrienne Houghton is right there to offer up her famous tuna and fruit punch concoction!

Also, Tiffany talks about the next goal she would like to accomplish and how hard she’s worked to achieve it.

Additionally, actress Tiffany Boone stops by to talk about her Amazon series Hunters and what it’s been like to work with Hollywood greats such as Al Pacino, Kerry Washington and Jordan Peele!

Jeannie Gives Tiffany Haddish Advice on How to Date a Rapper

Loni Love: Everybody wants to know your love life!

Tiffany Haddish: Why?

Loni: Is that weird?

Tiffany: Why? Yes! Why you in my bedroom?

Tiffany: Am I in your bedroom? Shoot!

Adrienne Houghton: They wanna know.

Loni: (Laughs) Who you dating?

Tiffany: Whoever wanna date me. I’ve been on Bumble for a minute now.

Loni: Okay.

Jeannie: Bumble? Why you on Bum–

Amanda Seales: You know Rel is on Bumble, too. Lil Rel is on Bumble, too.

Tiffany: I ain’t seen him on Bumble. We ain’t no match.

Loni: They saw you with, um, Common. So, what’s going on with that?

Tiffany: Girl, you know, that’s my friend. He’s been my friend for a while. But, it he wants to date me, I will date him. Jeannie!

Tiffany: Jeannie! Give me some advice! How do you date a rapper? Oooh oooh!

Jeannie: (Screams)

Adrienne: That part.

Jeannie: Girl, they just have good taste. I mean– but you gotta pick ‘em. So, at the same time, before you gotta worry about what they gotta do, make sure you got your eyes on the right one. ‘Cause it’s just not any of them, you know.

Loni: Okay.

Tiffany: ‘Cause you be having fun! I see you on bikes and stuff!

Tiffany: Y’all goin’ to Jamaica and everything! I’m like, “How’d she get that rapper to do that?” ‘Cause the rappers I used to date…

Amanda: Touché.

Tiffany: …are in jail.

Amanda: Correct.


Photos by Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Television

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