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Terri Andrews

TalkingWithTami: Wearing great heels has become all the rage now! You have produced a great product called Heelskinz.  Tell us about it?


Heelskinz was developed to protect the back of your Fabulous High Heels from scuffs, tears and dirt from the floor mat while driving.  They are so fashionable and stylish that now Ladies are keeping them on for that added Bling to their High Heels or to take a pair of Heels and transform them into a totally different looking shoe.

TalkingWithTami: What made you start your company?

Tami, there is nothing worse than seeing a Diva dressed from head to ankle.  It stops at the ankle because of the ugly scuff marks and tears on her Fashionable Stilettos she probably got on the drive to the event.  Also, witnessing the destruction of so many pairs of my shoes and seeing that ugly black mark or torn material on other ladies shoes, I decided to find something to help prevent this and Heelskinz does just that.  It protects the back of your shoe.

TalkingWithTami: What kind of designs and styles do you carry?


Heelskinz comes in 7 colors, Black, Brown, Leopard, Zebra, Red, Pink and the Fabulous “Tami Pink”.  Heelskinz come in one style.  It has a band that fits comfortably around your ankle that is adorned with Swarovski Crystals and comes in a Satin Pouch for easy storage in your purse or glove box.  We also have a selection of different crystal that you can add either to the band or to the back of the Heelskinz for that extra dazzle.  We will be adding different styles in the future.  Heelskinz can also be customized for a group that would like then in a certain color with a design that is unique only to them.  There is a section on the products page that can be filled out to get a quote for special orders.

TalkingWithTami: What did your friends and family think when you said you were going to launch this business?

My friends and family are very supportive of me.  I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and have had small companies, but developing this product from the ground up was another task all together.  Many times I became frustrated and wanted to quit but with the support and the encouragement of friends and family, Heelskinz made it to market.

TalkingWithTami: I understand that your Heelskinz were in the Grammy gifting bags? Tell us how that came about?


Heelskinz officially launched in December of 2008 and in January of 2009, I sent out my press release.  The company that furnishes the gift bags is always looking for new and unique products and they saw Heelskinz and were excited to include them.  We were very excited and proud about that accomplishment so soon after Heelskinz launched.


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