Hat love!


I have been seeing a growing trend on tv and in magazines with these small veiled hats. I have also seen them worn on Lady Gaga and ofcourse my fav Dita Von Teese. I have always loved to see ladies wear hats.I find it very seductive in some sort of way and its so fashionable. While shopping in the mall, I have seen soo many stores carrying these really small hats with veils too.


I was out thrift shopping today and came across all these hats that I’ve seen at the mall at one of my fav thrift stores! In the stores the hats are 20.00 and up, I got these 3 hats for 2.99 a piece! The netting was still in tact too and you can tell they are vintage! I grabbed everyone that was on the hook! It was actually 10 hats that someone must have donated but the other hats didn’t fit my style or head lol.


My new thrift finds

I settled for these 3 hats. I can’t wait to wear these hats and I have the perfect outfits for them! Please don’t turn your nose up at thrift shops and goodwills, they are the bomb and sometimes things are new! Happy shopping!

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