That’s My Bestfriend

It’s been a few years that I have not physically seen my best friend. Some of you may have met her here, her name is Heather Claybrooks. We first met in elementary school but I moved away and lost touch with her. Then in the Fall of 1986 we reconnected. We both attended Kent State University and had a few classes together. She walked over and introduced herself to me and said, “I think we were in grade school together”. I was sorta rude and blew her off and then later apologized because I was having a bad day. Our sophomore year, we became roommates. After that, it was a series of college parties, boyfriends, road trips, beauty salons in our dorm room, late night talks, dance-offs, adventure and I can go on and on!

Time sure does fly and now it’s 2021 and both of us have shared so many memories over the years! Like marriages, divorce, birth of our children, loss, heartache, joy, milestones, being a grandparent, just so much to even type here! Thank goodness for technology because although we live in two different cities, we can now FaceTime each other daily. We help each other with house decor, what to wear outfits, cooking recipes and watching the kids grow up.

It’s been a whirlwind for sure lol. I love Heather to pieces and she has taught me things that I can’t even imagine doing with anyone else. For one thing, she has a lot more patience than me. She has a very kind spirit, caring and giving. I have taught her a few things as well like how to take chances, socialize, entertain, sexy it up, baking, crafting, and more. It’s been a rollercoaster ride but we have endured the test of time after 35 years. I’m so grateful that I was able to visit my hometown and see my bestie, it was well overdue! Love You Heather, check out a few snaps inside.`..

Legend finally got to meet Heather in person!


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