Sleepletics Performance Sheets

After a long day, runners and all sporty people (as well as couch potatoes) will sleep soundly in a set of Celliant® Perfomance Sheets from Sleepletics. These soft, breathable sheets are an FDA-determined medical device and general wellness product containing Celliant thermo-reactive, mineral-infused yarns. The sheets, which are a blend of premium long-staple cotton and Celliant yarns, reflect your body’s heat back to you as therapeutic infrared light. Its technology increases blood flow to your muscles and improves local circulation in a safe and natural way.

The result is better sleep and faster recovery from physical activity so you wake up energized. Visit  I tried them out last night and boy did I sleep like a baby! I always say, by a good bed and bedding it makes a ton of difference. If you have never heard of them, check out the site where you can find an array of sheets in different colors and more. Have a great day everyone!

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