The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi mirage 2015

I was a bit bummed out that I didn’t really get to test-drive the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage like I really wanted to because of all the rain. When they dropped this pint-sized vehicle off to me last week, it was beautiful out but then it went down hill after a few days! “Rain, rain go away, please come back another day”, is all I could think of in my head lol. Thats Atlanta for you, we have the craziest weather here but today it cleared up and the sun came out! I ran a few errands in this 3 cylinder whip and couldn’t really believe how GOOD it was on gas! I think I only put 5 dollars in it yesterday after having it for almost a week! It gave me almost a full tank wow! The gas where I live in Gwinnett county is $1.95 a gallon right now, not too bad….

Mitsubishi mirage 2015

I feel as though if you have a college-bound kid, this is the vehicle for them! Although it appears to be very small in size, its quite roomy inside! The backseats are “stadium seating” so any rear passengers legs do not cramp up. That was a cool feature. The Mirage didn’t have a back up camera or sirius radio which I love, but I didn’t really care about all of that because in todays times, I’m more concerned about good gas mileage and this vehicle did have that. Kudos!

Although I must say though, when you’re driving around town or getting on the freeway, it is a bit noisy and sounds like a lawn mower. I didn’t really care for that! Its so tiny in size but loud as heck lol. I hope that Mitsubishi fixes that issue because I had to turn up the radio a few times to drown out the noise lol. Another thing that annoyed me about this car was the fact that if you are in park with your seatbelt off, like I was doing while waiting for my son to get off the school bus(it was pouring out) the seatbelt signal goes off constantly, regardless if you have it in park or not.

Other than that, like I said before, if you are looking for an economical, cute, reliable and fun car to drive and good on gas for your teen or if you are trying to save money for a second car, this may work for you. Find out more information on the site and it starts at only $12,995. xoxo

mirage 2015mirage 2015Mirage 2015mirage 2015


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