The 2021 Lexus ES Performs Very Well

I had a few events to cover here in Atlanta last week and I was thrilled that Lexus dropped me off their 2021 Lexus ES. It’s a sports sedan and if you’re looking for a luxury vehicle that offers up comfort, style, great exterior look and more, then you will definitely want to check out this fabulous ride. I always grab my grandson Legend and let him get a feel of all my new vehicles I get to review. He got a kick outta this Lexus and smiled when I pulled up. I think it was because of the race car look and the red leather interior cabin seats lol. He loved it and kept making zoom sounds when he sat down behind the wheel.

The car has a V-6 engine with 302-hp, a 2.5 liter four cylinder, it has all-wheel-drive, cabin seats that were very roomy and I loved the piping on the steering wheel and the leather seats. I liked the roomy cargo space too, drive assistance features, the satellite radio and both Android Auto Apple CarPlay capability. It’s a fantastic car to drive for a night out on the town or for a second vehicle that you only take out for fun cruises. I enjoyed it tremendously and do recommend you take a peek at it if you’re in the market! Starting at $39,900 this fully loaded vehicle shown is $47,215. For more info visit

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