The Burberry Story

The Burberry Trench,the exact coat!

Ok, grab something to eat & drink and read this sad story! Ok, here we go! I love to thrift shop and anybody that knows me, knows that I go to thrift stores atleast once a week. I absolutely love them and not afraid to tell anyone I shop there. I have found some amazing pieces and I always brag about how cheap something cost or I found.

I am a talk show host and I cover alot of red carpets. If I spent money on outfits for covering all of my events, I would be sitting on the side of the road with a pink cup asking for spare change from strangers lol. There is no way in hell I could buy a new outfit for everything I cover. I got the art of shopping thrift from my Godmom. She was the best dressed lady at her job and all of her suits,jackets,coats,furs were from the Goodwill or other thrift stores!

A lot of people are embarrassed to reveal that they shop there,but I go there atleast 2 to 3 times a week and they are packed with shoppers! People will not admit it but huh, I can’t tell! Well anywhoo, I happened to stop by my fav thrift store up here in Lawrenceville,Ga just browsing around. My daughter said she wanted a pea coat or short winter coat, so I thought I would check for one at the Goodwill. When I got to the store I found several coats that were real cute. Keep in mind when Marshall’s and other dept stores can’t sell things, they often ship to Goodwills, did you know that? Some items still have tags attached too.

So I put several coats in my cart when I noticed this khaki colored trench coat. I said to myself,hmm? I really don’t wear khaki but this coat is very well made and I love the collar on it. So I added it to my cart. Not really looking at the tag, but did notice it had plaid inside of the coat. So I went to the mirror and tried on some of the coats and the trench coat fit perfect. I still was skeptical about getting it, but was like ok whatever.

I get to the register and look at the coat again, and decided not to get it. Thats when I picked it up and gave it one more look, when I saw the tag read, Burberry. I still didn’t pay it too much attention and told the lady I didn’t want it. She took the coat and put it behind her and kept ringing me up. Mind you, the coat was $8.00!

Later that night I had a private affair and went over to my girlfriend Tish’s house, who shops more than me. She has a great closet full of designer clothes mind you! We get ready to go out when she grabs her trench coat and puts it on. I said, “hey, I saw a coat just like yours at the Goodwill today!” She looked at me and said, “I hope you got it!” I said, “no, I put it back, I don’t really wear khaki.” She then went on to tell me that was a Burberry coat and a classic that you can have for years and still be stylish. She said, “Tami that coat probably costs about $2,500 dollars!” I almost passed out, right in her breeze way!

Tish in one of her Burberry coats

We had a benefit that was held a David Yurman at Lenox Mall, so when we got there, she said,”let’s stop in the Burberry store for a second”. So we go in and the sales manager knows Tish. Come to find out she is a frequent shopper there,OMG! We go over to the coats and there was the jacket I saw at the Goodwill! I looked at the price tag and sure enough the coat was $2,000.00. I could have died,omg!

The next morning I went back to the store to see if I could find it.I left the store sobbing! Ofcourse it wasn’t there and I could have had it! I will never do that again and I know now it’s better to get something and not worry about it, than not to get it and think about it all the time! I’m so upset about this but have learned a great lesson lol. Happy shopping you guys, boo hoo!

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