The Country Club Of The South, My Experience

Hey guys wanted to share my experience yesterday that was super fun. Yesterday afternoon I was invited out to lunch with a friend where he plays golf. I’ve been in Atlanta since 2005 and with my line of work, I’ve been to lots of golfing charity events on magnificent golf courses and to many country clubs but I have never been to The Country Club of the South located in Johns Creek.

My friend is an avid golfer and thought it would fun to see if I could hit a few balls but I failed miserably lol. I have tried putt putt as well but it’s just not an interest of mine but atleast I tried lol. I just suck at sports period not my thing at all! He is a pro golfer and travels around playing on beautiful courses all over the world and has a nationwide membership, pretty impressive!

Country Club of the South has been a premiere destination since 1987 and people come from all over the world for the extraordinary experience, remarkable landscaped grounds, dining, world-class facilities and more. I couldn’t believe after all this time of being in Atlanta, I have never stopped by! Plus its only 25 minutes from where I live! I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, friendly staff and the food was really good! See a few snaps from the country club inside….

The Country Club of the South

4100 Old Alabama Rd

Johns Creek, Ga 30022

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