The Elite School Of Etiquette Presents Adult Dining

I had a great time yesterday evening attending a hands on dining etiquette training on Adult Dining, which was held at Maggiano’s Little Italy at Perimeter Mall. Carol M. Rey the Founder and Director of The Elite School of Etiquette was extremely knowledgeable about fine dining and explaining to us about the difference of fine dining and eating.

It was so intriguing learning about table manners, proper use of utensils, use of napkins, American vs. Continental style dining, proper seating and appropriate dinner conversations. The class brought back memories of when I was in the pageantry world and attending charm school. I was a little rusty with knowing a few things so the course brought me up to speed with what’s going on today.

People in attendance were very eager to learn and some had an idea of proper etiquette while some had no clue, it was interesting to watch and learn everything. I will give you one tip that I learned last night. When you’re sitting at a table with people and someone asks you to pass the salt, you “always” hand them both the salt & pepper because they travel in pairs… ha! Rey’s fun courses are taught every first Monday of the month and you can register at tell her I sent yah, the class is so needed for today’s time we live in! See some shots from the event inside…

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