The Füde Experience, A Liberating Space Of Nudity, Food, Art, Self Love

Do you think you could dine in the nude? I know I had to do a double take when I read that myself but its a new happening dining experience located in Los Angeles and it’s all the rage right now! It’s called, Füde and it’s owned and operated by Vegan Chef and Artist Charlie Ann Max. She hosts intimate dinner parties with plant-based meals. I quickly went to the website when I saw it trending online and I wanted to know more about it!

If you’re a vegan then you would totally dig this spot, if you don’t mind being totally nude during your dining experience lol! Chef Charlie was asked why did she want to combine nudity and food and she said, “its pure and organic. When you combine the tow, it allows you to nurture your most pure and bare self!”


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