The Hottest Hairstyle Of 2016!


Reality Star Cynthia Bailey

I was so excited and anxious to show you guys a totally brand new look that I was going to reveal right here on my blog in the beginning of the year but guess what? It fell through argh! My new look didn’t go as planned so I will have to wait a bit more to unveil my new hairstyle that I think would be a huge change for me for 2016!

I will admit that I have pretty boring hair but hey, I can’t help it because to me, I know what works and what doesn’t work after all these years. I was looking at some of the latest trends in hairstyles, shades of colors and cuts when I noticed that a lot of the “it girls” in Hollywood are rocking this new choppy/wavy bob look. I really love it! So slide inside to see how lots of ladies are rocking this latest hair trend that’s pretty hot!¬†


Reality Star Khloe Kardashian, she appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers and unveiled her new look


Actress Kerry Washington wearing a more sleek look


Tv Personality Julianne Hough is wearing a platinum blonde hair colored


Fashion Blogger Stella Uno is rocking this latest hair trend with bouncy curls


Actress Gabrielle Union got this new look from her stylist Larry Sims


Actress Hilary Duff is giving face with this cute look


Images via Facebook/IG

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